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Are you ready to feel your intuition more clearly?


Intuition can be a tricky thing to wrap our head around, as it's much more of a bodily experience.


Creativity (drawing and painting) gives you a physical tool to understand your intuition, yourself and the world around you at a deeper level.


This course will open the space for you to explore your inner world, your energy, your feelings and be seen, heard and understood in that which you see and experience.

The practical

The course is from the 17th of March - 10th of April and will be hosted in a closed Facebook group.

You get a short and sweet live training every second day with me personally.


In total you get 13 simple, fun and yet powerful creative exercises, which will bring you closer to feeling your inner voice of wisdom.


Replays will be available until the end of the course (I'm deeply committed to giving you the best possible chance of getting through this course from start to finish).

The group will be a max of 10 participants, so you can explore your inner world and feelings in a safe space, that allows you to grow and surprise yourself with what you're actually capable of achieving. A lot can happen in a very short time, when it's build on a strong and supported foundation.

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This is for you who:

  • wants to allow creativity into your life

  • are curious on your inner world, your energy and your feelings

  • wants a physical tool to connect with your intuition

  • wants to be able to get your mental images and visualizations down on paper

You get:

  • a course where you are sure to be met where and as you are

  • 13 LIVE videos with simple, fun and powerful creative exercises

  • a group of like-hearted people filled with support and safety

  • time and space to ask questions in real time

  • positive and growth-oriented feedback

Having charcoal and high quality paper is a plus! But not a must. 

You can take part in this course with ordinary paper and colors of any kind – the main aim of the course is to open you up to your intuition through creativity – not to create a “perfect masterpiece”.

We will go through:

  • a meditation to help you connect with your animal spirit, who will support you throughout the journey

  • exercises to help you loosen up and get into the creative flow

  • exercises to improve your drawing technique in record time

  • exercises that connect you to your energetic core

  • exercises that teach you to feel the difference between creating from an aligned place vs. not aligned place

  • exercises that helps you connect to your deepest feelings

  • and much more!


950 DKK // 125 euro including VAT

Sign up now:

What others say:

Once you have signed up and paid you will receive a personal thank-you email from me and a link to the Facebook group where the course will be hosted.

"Anastasia is the most talented person I know when it comes to creativity and the many amazing things that can come out of our creativity - I have personally experienced how eye-opening and deep creative exercises can be. I have been surprised again and again with how effective it is at connecting us with our intuition. Already the first time I tried it at a workshop with Anastasia, it knocked my legs off under me with how much easier it was to put away the logic away and hear my intuition when I was creative ."

- Mathilde Denning

"I attended Anastasia's course "Strengthen the connection to your animal - through intuition and creativity" in March 2021. My two horses both crossed over the rainbow bridge, and I saw the course as a great opportunity to connect more with them again through something I love - to draw and paint.


What I did not know was that I would also get much closer to myself. The daily exercises were very much about getting in flow and being present in the process. I sit back with some wonderful drawings that gave me quality time with myself and my horses. I learned how amazing it is to draw more intuitively and that I do not have to have a clear picture of the motif before taking the pencil in my hand.

Anastasia is an incredibly empathetic teacher, I was at no time nervous about what response I would get to my drawings. Constructive criticism is given in ease and praise in abundance. It is clear to feel that Anastasia has her heart with her in every single exercise, and her commitment is completely contagious! I am incredibly impressed with the exercises that were on the course. I felt challenged while at the same time relaxed and having a wonderful time every day! When Anastasia teaches, there is room for both the experienced and beginners, and it's really nice to feel. "

- Anemone Storm

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  • Online course

    Connect with your intuition through creativity
    • A stronger connection to yourself and your intuition
    • 13 simple, fun and powerful creative exercises
    • Positive and growth-oriented feedback
    • A safe and supportive group

Who's your teacher?

My name is Anastasia Elkjær, I use my intuition as an animal communicator, to create magical paintings in collaboration with the animals as a full-time artist. I am primarily self-taught and have supplemented with educations in animal telepathy and coaching. As a child I early on experienced my intuition guiding me in life - and saw how I could support humans by trusting it and letting it get expressed through art.

The animals have played a big role in this and they have always been challenging me into painting things I had never tried before. They have taught me how to overcome the limiting beliefs I learned while growing up, so that their pure expression could come out through the art I create with my hands. 

I know that we all have the abilities to tap into our intuition and I see how creativity is a powerful tool in this process - why I am now happy to share everything I have learned and discovered for 7+ years with you, so you can experience the magic for yourself.

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