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Anastasia Elkjær med maleri

About Anastasia Elkjær

I'm a lover of animals and a lover of freedom, living as a full-time artist in Denmark.


I've always been painting and got my first private lessons in oil painting when I was 11.


At age 12 I canceled formal education and focused my time on improving my skills.

At age 13 I had an experience that changed my life forever. I'm convinced that it's the reason I do what I do today. If we ever chat, feel free to ask me about it. I love sharing that story.


At age 14 I sold my first painting, realizing that I could pave my own path in life.

At age 15 I embarked on an education in animal telepathy and by request from my telepathy teacher I created my first "animal telepathy painting".

Watch my 3 minute intro video to get a better feeling of me and my work.

My background

  • Private oil painting lessons with Mette Nørregaard from age 11-13

  • Homeschooled since age 12 by my own initiative (school felt like a waste of time)

  • Signed my first contract with a publisher photographing for a horse book at age 16

  • Have photographed/illustrated 7+ books and oracle carddecks

  • Young Rolemodel Coach + mentor from Mindjuice Academy​

Freedom with the horses

Fun facts

  • Born in Denmark in 1998 to a Danish dad and Russian mom

  • As a kid I collected bugs in my pockets and considered flies to be my best friends​

  • My starsign is Saggitarius. I love the fact that it's usually depicted as half horse/half human, as horses will forever be my favorite subject to paint

  • I'm an enneagram type 9 (called the peacemaker, which is a quite fitting description of me)​

Me and Cutie
Animal Listening course

In 2018 my best friend and favorite business partner, Mathilde Denning, hosted her first animal telepathy education. I had ​the honor of creating paintings of all the participant's spirit animals and handed them out personally.

It was pure delight to see their happy faces.

TopDanmark watercolor course

Just as much as I love to learn, I also love to teach.

Here I'm teaching a watercolor course for 10 employees at TopDanmark

(a big Danish insurance company) in 2020, bringing a bit of magic into the offices.

Screenshots from a few joyful moments

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