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Commission your own painting

Let me walk you through the process ...

Step 1: Contact me

Once you have decided that you want a painting, you contact me and let me know of any wishes you may have.

Each painting is unique and we never know beforehand what your animal will ask me to paint for you.

​I need a photo of your animal, as well as a photo of you. I need this to communicate with your animal soulmate and to intuitively see, hear and understand the shared connection between you.

We make an agreement, sign a contract and you pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot on my waiting list.


Step 2: The energetic exchange

... giving you insight into the communication I've just shared with your animal.

In this PDF you get a description of your animal's soul, the role they have (and had) in your life, the connection you share, your animal's message for you and a description of what your animal wants your painting to look like. 

It is your animal choosing the motive of the painting, depending on what it considers to be the most supportive for you and describing of the connection you share. You also get a description of the symbolism behind the painting to understand the meaning behind it.

Step 3: The digital sketch

I create a digital sketch after communicating with your animal. This gives us a clearer idea of what the finished painting will look like. This also gives you the chance to come with suggestions for minor corrections.

I will always listen to you, but I always trust that there's a reason why the animal asks me to create a painting in a certain way.


Step 4: Getting your painting

Once you have approved the sketch, the painting process begins.

You receive regular updates until the completion of the artwork.

Once finished, the last 50% is paid and the painting will be shipped or personally delivered to you, depending on your location.

Med Woody og Aslan-min.jpg

Choose between 2 options:


Option 1: Digital painting

A digital painting is the more budget-friendly option. Nonetheless it has a stunning outcome, especially when it gets printed and framed.

Along with the written pdf, you receive the final artwork as a high resolution pdf for printing purposes and a smaller web version (suitable for social media, phone screen and more)


Digital files only: 3500 DKK

Printed and framed: 4000 DKK

50x70 cm print, frame of your choice.


Shipping within Denmark is included in the price.

Option 2: Physical painting

An acrylic/oil painting that lasts for a lifetime.

Created with high quality paints on linen canvas.

A plasted wire is attached on the back for your convenience when hanging up the painting. I always take the time to paint the sides of the canvas, so framing is optional.


The painting is varnished after it is completely dry, which adds extra protection from dust and dirt.


40x50 cm: 5000 DKK

50x60 cm: 6500 DKK

60x80 cm: 9000 DKK

70x90 cm: 12.000 DKK

80x100 cm: 15.000 DKK

The price includes the written animal telepathy (pdf file), the digital sketch and shipping within Denmark.


If you want a painting made from a photo, just remove 1500 DKK from the price.

I'm so excited to begin the creation of your painting!

Contact me using the contact footer below or:

Write me an email:

Or call me directly: +45 27244972

No matter what I expose her to, she delivers absolutely amazing, unpredictable, intuitive and perfect results. I've never been disappointed! Her wonderful personality invites safety, collaboration and trust in work that is sometimes very detailed and a personal case - she takes the time to understand my desires, adjust until I'm more than satisfied, and maintain a positive tone and attitude throughout it all. Rarely have I worked so intensively with one partner, and it is always a great pleasure. My warmest recommendations goes to Anastasia, no matter what you want to order."

Mathilde Denning

- Mathilde Denning

"Anastasia has a wonderful, unique ability to create images, paintings and creative works that reflect exactly what your soul needs. With love and patience, she reproduces the most beautiful moments and the finest messages that shine so strongly through her paintings that I always get humble at the sight.

There is no doubt that she is the most accomplished artist I know and my favorite collaborator.

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